Updates to Final Sale

We wanted to clarify a few things about our Final Sale Listings that dropped yesterday. 
  1. Final Sale are NOT Pre Orders: We know that some Final Sale listings are showing pre order badging and we are working with our tech team to fix this. But to clarify, Final Sale items are not pre order and ship within 1 week and usually arrive within 4 business days depending on the state you live in. Shop Final Sale Here
  2. Eligible for 30% Site-Wide Promotion: Yes, you can use the code preorder, for an ADDITIONAL 30% off all Final Sale Listings!
  3. Final Sale are not damaged Items: Final Sale items are items returned to us by customers. They are technically not new, but they are also inspected for damages, stains and wear and tear.  
  4. Available to purchase on site: All final Sale Items are now available on site and in our app for purchase. 
  5. New Final Sale Listings. We will be dropping new Final Sale listings throughout the month of February, so check back if your fave goes out of stock.  Check back here weekly
And thank you again for being such an amazing member of the Kelly Obi Community ❤️
The Kelly Obi Team